Renault is the EV leader and is a trusted brand for many customers

Building on more than ten years of expertise, Renault's Megane E-TECH Electric launch marks a significant move for its electric revolution.

Since Renault ZOE Concept was first introduced in 2010 to the sale of Renault ZOE ZE50 in 2019, Renault has consistently improved its energy management capabilities. It can now guarantee a range of 395km in the WLTP cycle. Moreover, while Renault ZOE is the definition of versatility for an urban car, the range has since grown to satisfy all uses: micro-mobility with Twizy, last-mile delivery with Kangoo E-TECH Electric, and Master E-TECH Electric, and urban agility with the recent addition of Twingo E-TECH Electric.

At the same time, more than 30,000 employees of the brand's networks have been trained in the specific characteristics of electric mobility to advise customers during the initial purchase best and ensure the best possible after-sales service. Renault has also collected more data from its vehicle's batteries than any other manufacturer, thus making it easier to improve the design specificities, so the batteries last longer and give customers just what they need.

These strategic advantages are tangible within the market. In Europe, Renault is the EV leader and is a trusted brand for an ever-increasing number of delighted customers. More than 300,000 electric vehicles have been sold throughout the Old Continent since the range was first launched; in other terms, that is one in every five Renault vehicles sold since 2010. Worldwide, more than 10 billion km have already been covered by 400,000 vehicles.

The new Renault Megane E-TECH Electric is Renault's way of leveraging its unparalleled expertise to step forward into the future.

All-new Renault Megane E-TECH Electric is an icon of the new world, the new EV world. It is part of an ecosystem where the vehicle represents a hardware platform housing state-of-the-art software and optimized connectivity to deliver unique experiences. Welcome to the era of 'VaaS' – Vehicle as a Service.

Thus, the new Renault Megane E-TECH Electric is not merely an independent piece of the larger EV ecosystem. Instead, its deeply rooted integration builds on experimentation carried out over recent years: it is thus equipped with intelligent charging capabilities. Ultimately, it will be able to feed power back into the grid when needed thanks to vehicle-to-grid (V2G) technology. Renault and the Group's new brand, Mobilize, have developed expertise in battery management (e.g., second life, recycling) that covers the entire life cycle and value chain.

Much like a smartphone, the new Megane E-TECH Electric merges seamlessly into the digital ecosystem of its user. It is a high-tech vehicle always ready to serve, thanks to its new OpenR display and its new OpenR Link multimedia system, developed with Google and based on Android Automotive OS, comes with Google Assistant, Google Maps, and Google Play built-in for a helpful, personalized and seamless driving experience. Each user's profile can thus be linked to its personal Google Account for a piece of more in-depth knowledge. In addition, the various features of the My Renault app make using the car an even more interactive and proactive experience.

Renault Megane E-Tech Electric

Renault made the strategic choice to manufacture the Renault Megane E-TECH Electric in France at the Douai factory, located in the heart of ElectriCity, Europe's leading EV hub. To produce 400,000 vehicles per year, Renault ElectriCity will soon be Europe's largest and most competitive center for electric vehicle production. Located in the north of France, it is ideally located at the heart of market demand.

Emitting less pollution when in use and throughout their lifecycle, electric cars shall lead the way for sustainable mobility. Thanks to its whisper-quiet motor, the All-new Mégane E-TECH Electric emits no CO2 when being driven and disturbs no one along its route. Its low aerodynamic profile combines with the full range of energy management optimization systems for greater efficiency. Once the car reaches the end of the first stage in its lifecycle, the batteries can be reused before then being recycled, with the composite parts being reused for other industrial purposes. To that extent, thanks to the Flins Re-Factory and the Veolia-Solvay partnership, Renault Group is far ahead of its competitors.

The new Megane E-TECH Electric does even more to protect the environment. All upholstery is made out of 100% recycled materials. Depending on the version, that accounts for up to 2.2kg! A total of 27.2 kg of visible (lower cockpit) and invisible parts (dashboard inner structure) is made out of recycled plastics. 95% of the vehicle will be recycled at the end of its lifecycle.

Leveraging the power of a platform designed for EV models, the All-new Mégane E-TECH Electric leads the way for the fundamentally electric 'sensual tech' design language that will imbue the new model with an elegant yet powerful character. Inside, record spaciousness and renewed ergonomics combine to give passengers a better experience.

Standing as the first model of the new generation of Renault's EV native cars, the new Renault Megane E-TECH Electric is the first model to bear the brand's new 'Nouvel'R' logo. The disruptive design goes against the grain of traditional compact hatchbacks, giving the model a stronger character and better aerodynamics and fuel economy. @via Electric Vehicles Stories.

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