9 Best Car Transport Companies in the USA

You want to ship your car, but you're having trouble deciding? You may have had a bad experience in the past with car shipping or you may have heard of a friend's bad experience.

We compared car shipping companies across the US, performed secret shopper analyses, and gathered customer feedback via surveys in order to choose the best car shipping companies:

It is a good idea to get quotes from several auto transport companies for no-hassle services so you can find out which company is the best fit for your needs. Learn more about each auto transport company, from the standard shipping processes to the pricing structures, as you read on.


What are the Most Popular Car Shipping Companies?

There's no lack of  car transport companies  on the market, which is why you'll want to figure out which options are market leaders. In our auto transport survey, we asked drivers which providers they picked for car transport services

Below, we've listed the most popular car shipping companies that offer services across the United States.


1. AutoStar Transport Express

The AutoStar Transport Express company provides car shipping services throughout the United States from Miami, Florida. They were established in 2007 and have been in operation since then. The company is fully licensed and registered by the US Department of Transportation under USDOT Number 2239014. 

The company ships cars to another state and internationally. The company specializes in shipping all types of cars, including sedans, ATVs, motorcycles, and SUVs. They offer enclosed shipping for classic cars and exotics, as well as oversized vehicles such as tractors and limousines. 

The auto transport company can handle both domestic and international shipping, including shipping vehicles to and from Hawaii ,  Alaska,  Puerto Rico, and the US Virgin Islands.


If you would like to know how much it costs to ship a car, we at AutoStar Transport Express will be glad to assist you. You can schedule your pickup by calling 888-802-8250.


2. Montway Auto Transport

Montway Auto Transport is one of the most well-known car shipping companies, transporting over 140,000 vehicles in 2020. The auto transport company provides open trailer and enclosed car shipping, as well as services like expedited shipping, guaranteed pickup dates, and door-to-door car shipping.

Montway Auto Transport, as a broker, has relationships with over 15,000 car carriers, allowing the company to consistently beat many competitors' rates. Montway Auto Transport, unlike some other companies, does not ship from terminal to terminal.



3. Sherpa car transport

Sherpa Auto Transport has a few distinguishing characteristics that set it apart from other car shipping companies. Most notably, the provider's auto shipping services come with an unbeatable Price Lock Promise. When you get a quote from Sherpa Auto Transport, the company guarantees the price, so you won't be surprised by any hidden fees or service charges when the bill arrives.



4. Ameri Freight

AmeriFreight has a strong reputation and offers a wide range of services making it one of the best companies in car shipping. The number of discounts it offers on vehicle shipping, however, sets it apart from many of its competitors. First responders, students, active-duty military personnel, senior citizens, and healthcare workers all receive discounts from AmeriFreight.



5. Easy Auto Ship

Easy Auto Ship has a solid reputation as a low-cost auto shipping company, but its added benefits set it apart from the competition. Easy Auto Ship, for example, will reimburse you for a rental car if your car shipment takes longer than 14 days to arrive. Unlike many other private car shipping companies, Easy Auto Ship will pay for detail and a car wash if your vehicle arrives dirty.



6. True carriers

True Carrier is the most recent addition to our list of shipping companies. Despite this, thousands of people choose it to ship their vehicles. MoveWheels Auto transport, like MoveWheels Auto transport, does not require prepayment at the time of booking.

TrueCarrier, based in Tampa, FL, works with enclosed and open carriers to meet the needs and budgets of every customer. When possible, some of the company's drivers provide expedited delivery and door-to-door service.



7. Matson Terminals

This Hawaii automobile transportation company employs professionals among the best in the industry and specializes in shipping your car to Hawaii safely and carefully over water to and from the mainland. 1411 Sand Island Pkwy, Honolulu, HI



8. Direct Express Car Transport

Since the company's inception, the same CEO has led Direct Express Auto Transport. In the event of physical damage, they provide vehicle insurance up to $150,000. While this is a rare occurrence, it demonstrates the company's desire to treat customers fairly.



9. American Auto Shipping

American Auto Shipping's concierge service and $500 no-damage guarantee make it stand out. In a service business, making guarantees is rare, but American Auto Shipping strives to please customers by providing high-quality service. Most companies do not offer guaranteed pricing, but American Auto Shipping does. This guarantee can help customers budget appropriately because actual prices can vary by up to 25% from the quote.




We created a comprehensive rating system to determine our rankings of the best car shipping companies so we can provide consumers with objective information. We collected data on dozens of auto transport companies and graded them based on a variety of factors. As a result, each provider was given a rating based on the number of points they scored.


Car Shipping Companies: FAQ


Which car shipping company is best?

AutoStar Transport Express is one of our top recommendations for a company that provides car shipping services. Their competitive pricing and extended customer service hours make AutoStar Transport Express a good choice. In 2020, AutoStar Transport Express moved 150.00 vehicles.


What is the average cost of shipping a car?

A car can be shipped 1,500 miles on average for about $1,140, ​​according to our research. Shipping rates for cars vary widely, however. Shipping a car costs vary depending on factors such as your vehicle, your location, the time of year, and carrier availability.


Is it possible to ship my car with a personal item inside?

Most car transport services do not allow you to ship personal items in your vehicle. You may be able to pack a suitcase or box and store it in the trunk. No carrier's insurance policy will cover damage to items inside your vehicle, so we recommend that you thoroughly clean your car.



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